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We have purchased many houses over the years, and we have perfected our customer service, by providing updates and professional consultation whether you sell your house to us or not. Here are some of the stories from homeowners that did decide we were the perfect fit for them.


That Abandoned House In Vancouver, WA

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“I can say working with Mark made my life easier. He was truly a professional. He kept me updated. He provided me all the information. He was fair with the offer and was able to sell my house when the housing market was upside down, especially since it was right after I came back from a deployment in Iraq. He did a great job with all the paper work and made sure that what he knew I knew.”

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Kevin S. Vancouver, WA


That Manufactured House In Gresham, OR

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“Exceptional Experience with Rooted House Buyers!

Our experience with Rooted House Buyers was nothing short of exceptional. From the beginning, they demonstrated an unparalleled level of flexibility, especially when it came to the closing date. They understood our need to find a new place before moving out and accommodated us without hesitation. Their offer was incredibly fair, matching what we would have received after deducting closing costs if we had sold our home through traditional means – and this was for selling our home as is.

What truly set Rooted House Buyers apart was their fast, friendly, and honest approach. The entire process was smooth and transparent, making us feel valued and respected as clients. Moreover, they offered us the convenience of leaving behind any possessions we no longer wanted, which was a huge relief during the stress of moving.

In a world where trust is hard to come by, Rooted House Buyers stands out as a beacon of integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home without the hassle of traditional home selling. Their team is a testament to what it means to provide genuine, customer-focused service.”


Jake D. Gresham, OR


That Gorgeous House In Vancouver, WA

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“When I wanted to sell my home, I knew it needed a lot of work, and I just didn’t have the resources at the time. I decided to find someone who could buy my home quickly and was willing to put in the work needed to restore it. After doing a google search, I came upon Mark and his company, and I’m so glad I did. They were very friendly and professional, and never judged the condition of my home, which was a huge relief. They offered me more than I thought I’d be able to get, which allowed me to purchase another home for cash, which was smaller and more manageable for me. We were also able to close in about two weeks, which was amazing. I highly recommend Mark and his team, they made the entire process so easy for me. If you’re thinking about selling your home, no matter the condition, definitely give Mark a call, you won’t regret it.”

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Kimberlie K. Vancouver, WA